Benefit Designs of Oklahoma is here to assist you with both group or individual insurance solutions, providing professional and experienced guidance.

Benefit Designs provides these services to employers and individuals:


  • additions and terminations to group benefit plans; we will come out to your location and enroll each employee as they become newly eligible and/or help them with changes due to life events

  • claim assistance - We can help with claim audits for large claims or questions on how a claim was paid or processed

  • billing assistance  - Changes to your enrollments aren't always reflected on the bills, so if you need to determine how much to pay or whether a change was processed, we have access to review billing statements

  • renewal rate reviews and evaluations - each year we show you options from your current carrier and from other available plans in the market in an easy to understand format.  Time is scheduled with you to review your renewal and alternates, to help you make an informed decision.

  • annual re-enrollments - our office will provide meetings for your employees, to review renewal plan changes, do refresher meetings, or provide sample memos to send out.

  • legislative updates - many changes are and will continue to take place with regards to employer provided benefits, we will do our best to keep you informed and up-to-date.

ACA Marketplace Open Enrollment

We do not charge for our help and services with regard to a Marketplace enrollment.  There is a small fee built into all policy rates and when we are listed on the policy as your agent, we are paid that fee monthly. 


When you work with someone else, or allow them to change the agent, including anyone at the carrier helplines, we lose access to your policy, as well as paid commissions from that point forward. 

Although our agency will still help you during these times, please remember to allow us to assist you with the re-enrollment during the open enrollment so that we will be paid the following plan year. 


Many agents will or have moved to a charge basis for help during non-open enrollment periods and we would prefer not to do that.  Your commitment to us at open enrollment time will allow us to continue using a no-charge method.

What you need to know:

1.  Open Enrollment 11/01/21 - 12/15/2021

2.  Effective date based on enrollment date

3.  All Marketplace policies terminate 12/31/2021 and must be re-written for 2022

4.  2022 carriers:  Blue Cross Blue Shield, Community Care, Friday Health Plans and Medica for Tulsa County; BrightHealth and Oscar are available in the Oklahoma City area only.

5.  If you do not qualify for subsidies (Advance Premium Tax Credit), in Oklahoma you can apply for coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica or Community Care in Tulsa plus BrightHealth in Oklahoma City.

6.  Special Enrollment Periods (SEP) exist when you lose coverage for any reason beyond non-payment of premium.  If you move out of your plans service area, lose other coverage for a reason other than non-payment, have a baby or adopt, get a raise at work, etc, these can be considered qualifying events to enroll or make changes to Marketplace Coverage.

7.  Tribal members may apply for coverage at any time.  Earnings below 300% of the federal poverty level could qualify the member for reduced deductibles and premiums.

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment to review your options, investigate your special enrollment  or tribal enrollment opportunities and/or re-write a new policy.

Medicare Open Enrollment

We do not charge you for our help or assistance with a Medicare Supplement enrollment.  There is a small fee built in to the policy rate that we are paid monthly to service your policy. 


We receive no compensation for Part D or prescription drug plans. 

What you need to know:

1.  Open Enrollment period 10/15/2021 - 12/07/2021

2.  Effective dates are 01/01/2022

3.  Part D prescription drug plans can be changed during this period without completing health statements and are guarantee issue and pre-ex free for a 01/01/2022 effective date.

4.  Medicare Supplements require health statements to move between plans in most cases and can be approved or denied based on that information.  If you are moving away from or to a Medicare Advantage plan, you could have a guarantee issue period during the open enrollment period, with coverage beginning 01/01/2022.

5.  We offer both Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans.